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The hero of our stories, Bumperboy was born and raised in the Land of Bubtopia. He is always eager to learn and discover new things, as well as explore places he has never visited. He loves to meet new friends. Bumperboy is an avid marble player and one of the fastest borpers in Bubtopia. He wears a white rubber suit to protect him from high-speed borping. He is a bit on the competitive side, but he knows how to be a good sport. Bumperboy also enjoys watching cowboy movies and eating gummy worms in his spare time.
As Bumperboy's best friend, Bumperpup is always by his side. Bumperpup was once an orphan from another land, but Bumperboy adopted him and brought him to Bubtopia. Like Bumperboy, Bumperpup wears a white rubber suit, but only because he likes how it looks. He communicates with other using "Pictonese," which is a language that uses pictures. With his trademark waggy tail and big smile, Bumperpup always has a great spirit that can cheer anyone up.
Unlike Bumperboy, Gordy is quiet and shy. He loves to stay at home and read, but occasionally he goes out to play a marble match with Bumperboy in the park. He also loves to collect socks, but the main reason why he wears them is because he has cold feet. Gordy's favorite snack is toast with butter.
Frederik is a bird who lost his wings in an accident. As a clever scientist, he built a "helicoaster" that allowed him to fly again. He does not get along with Bumperboy, nor with many other Bubtopians. If he's not playing pranks on his enemies, he often retreats to his laboratory and builds various contraptions to pass the time.

The Onomatopeople
Onomatoland is slightly seedy and has its share of crime, but the good Onomatopeople always prevail and keep it safe. Bam, Pow, Bop, and Crash are just a few of the Onomatopeople. Each of them has a special talent that allows them to fight crime or commit crime, depending on their intent.
Bam has tremendous strength in his legs; one stomp can crack the earth under his feet. He likes to eat crunchy celery sticks and enjoys jumping in puddles on a rainy day.
Pow's rock-hard fists can punch through any stone wall. She has a short-temper, but her friends can always calm her down. Pow loves spicy food and good boxing matches.
Bop specializes in using toys to fight evil in Onomatoland. Her weapon of choice is her trusty yo-yo. Her favorite food is popcorn.
Crash is the one that often causes trouble in Onomatoland. He can carelessly thrust his entire body into any object with a huge impact. His favorite everyday snack is a box of crackers.